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Iranian Student Group holds vigil in honor of Mahsa Amini

In the first week of Iran 2022 uprising I had the pleasure to be interviewed by a UCLA student;Ethan Manafi. It was a small contribution to show up for the candlelight vigil of Mahsa (Jina) Amini and share some of my personal experiences, and reflect on our collective grief and traumas.


Shahrzad Mahmoudi, sings a song titled, “Aroosak Joon” (meaning “Little doll”), to the crowd.

Mahmoudi said the song describes a woman who is imprisoned and doesn’t have the privilege to live a full life. Mahmoudi drew parallels between the lyrics and the life of women after the Islamic Revolution of 1979. Following the Islamic Revolution in Iran, women have been subjected to forced hijab laws regardless of their own personal or religious views on the hijab, Mahmoudi said.

Having been arrested by the morality police before, Mahmoudi said news of the morality police is triggering for Iranian women who share a collective trauma.

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